During the Microsoft keynote of their newest operating system, Windows 10, the technology giant had some interesting news for both new and old customers.

For the first time in Windows history, Microsoft is giving Windows away, although not to everyone. Microsoft has announced that users running Windows 8 will be given a free upgrade to the latest version of Windows. As many predicted this upcoming event, this new statement from Microsoft clearly shows how they are looking to cover the small mistakes taken with Windows 8.

There is more to this upgrade madness, as Microsoft later said in the event that users running the popular Windows 7 operating system will also receive the free Windows 10 upgrade.

The cherry on top ends with Terry Myerson, the vice president of operating systems for Microsoft, stating that mobile devices on Windows Phone 8.1 will also receive upgrades to Windows 10.

It’s very clear that Microsoft is making a strong push to get the world running on one operating system, rather than two, three, or even four. The only catch to all of this is that the free upgrade service will only be available during the first year Windows 10 is released.

Research shows that nearly half of the world’s desktops are running Windows 7, while 20% of the remaining 50% is still running Windows XP. Windows 8 is still fighting for 10%. It’s clear that with this large diversity over operating systems, it makes development harder and support difficult.

I’ve been using Microsoft Azure over the past few weeks and playing around with Windows 10. Although I am not a huge fan of the redesigned start menu, I am glad to see it returned. It’s smooth, quick, and filled with great features. I look forward to what Microsoft has to offer and excited to upgrade my systems and even my Xbox One, which will also run Windows 10.

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