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My first thread so please be patient with me.

I have a problem with my mouse that freezes.
It mainly happens if I switch the computer power off from the socket in the wall or there is a power cut. If I switch on my computer and press any key my mouse freezes. The only way out of this is to again reboot and then delete Microsoft intellitype Pro5.2 and Intellipiont 5.2 from my computer and then again reboot.
If at a later time I get the same problem I then reboot and reload the two micosoft problems.
This problem can sometimes happen without the loss of power.


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Generally you should use the power button on the computer to shut down
The power button signals the motherboard that it is ready to shut down and Windows begins a series of steps to ensure that it is done correctly.
I will do things like save anything that is open.
If it doesnt know where to save something it will ask you.
It also take anything in its own memory and assure that it is safely on the HDD.

Just turning it off at the wall is the same as a power outage and important data could be lost.
I cant say for certain that this is your issue but it is possible that the driver settings arent being fully saved due to improper shut down and thus causing an issue.

On a side note I use a intellipoint mouse and never load the software for it.
When Windows starts it creates the mouse driver and works fine.

Im not certain what the intellitype software does exactly but I am using a MS keyboard with no additional software.
Perhaps your keyboard has extra keys or multimedia buttons on it but if not try to not use any software and see how it goes.

Over the years I have found that it is best to let windows decide what is best for it and not load any extra programs or drivers unless necessary.
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