With Windows 8 upcoming Microsoft has decided to change up their logo. For years Microsoft’s logo has always consisted of the well known thick letters with italicized font. The new logo, however, features the classic red, green, blue and orange logo that may seem familiar to Windows users. Instead of using the the classic Windows flag, Microsoft has decided to stick with the new Metro feel and turn it into a square, the company name appearing on the right in soft grey.

From a poll in PCMag.com on opinions of the new logo, 28% of voters said “Yes, it’s great”, 33% said “No, is that really the best they could do?”, 16% said “Uh, I don’t see a huge difference”, 18% said “I don’t care” with 4% as “Other comments”.

In their 37 year history, MS has gone through 6 different logo designs. Many of you will have already seen the new styling of Windows 8; this logo closely follows the new look. “This wave of new releases in not only a reimagining of our most popular products, but also represent a new era for Microsoft,” said Microsoft in a blog post unveiling the new logo. This new image might not be the only logo in the works, many people believe that a new revamped Xbox logo will be coming soon. What do you think? Love it, or hate it?