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Microphone Wont Work, Please Please Help!!!!! [pllease

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so ive got the volume up full && not mutid
made sure the mic is in the right place
and stilll no sound will come through

does anyone know where i can download a soundcard to make it work?
and thanks
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I am assuming you mean, when you say that the volume is up and not muted, that you have checked your audio controls on the toolbar and you have no ticked boxes.

Also go into the Control Panel>Sound and Audio Devices>Audio and check all the volume buttons and the advanced buttons to ensure you have the correct settings.

Also if you have an attached sound card,e.g, Soundblaster or similar. Make sure that the settings in the provided software are correct.

What sound card do you have?
Is it onboard sound?
yeah ive checked that
and to be honest.
i rly have no idea what soundcard i have
is their a program i can download, which tells u everything?
okay so now
u can like harly hear my voice

( i got it to work sorta)
Sorry for being a bit slow to reply.
On holidays and all over the place at the moment.
To see what is supposed to be producing your sound go into:
Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices.
Double click and at the top of the little window that appears you will see the row of buttons that you would have already looked at from the previous post.
Click on the one that says Audio.
You should then have little viewing panels with the drop down arrow on the right hand side of the little panels.
Above each panel you should see one for Sound Playback, one for Sound Recording and the bottom one for Midi Music Playback.

In particularly the top two little panels is where it will tell you what is producing your sound.
The buttons with Volume on them are the ones I explained to you to check and see that your micrphone levels etc, are correct.
If you have some sound now you must be on the right track.
I also just realised you may also need an amplifier to actually get more volume from your mic.
I don,t use a microphone, but I know it wouldn't have it's own amp I am guessing.
The reason I say this is because I run a turntable and stereo system through my computer for vinyl record audio to cd restoration and other audio projects.
The point being, that system won't work if there is no amplifier.
What you could do maybe is plug your mic into a stereo system or even a CD Player with a mic jack, then plug your Stereo/CD Player into your LINE IN jack of your computer. The cable to the LINE IN jack can come from the headphone jack on your Stereo/CD Plaer if it doesn't have any other available place to plug cables.
Cables are cheap, just make sure you get the right size jacks on the ends.

Hope you can understand all of this.
No point downloading anything at this point because all you need is right before you.
As for sound cards, they can either a part of your motherboard which is the case for most computer systems or you buy a seperate unit which you attach internally to your motherboard, some like mine plug into a USB port.
If you are using the jacks in the back of your computer where your mouse and keyboard plug in, you have onboard motherboard sound.
It depends on what your motherboard is as to what audio devices are being used on your system, but if you follow the first steps you will find out.
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