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My microphone states Disconnected when Audio ESP is selected.

The Sound Recorder has heard very week input at times, but does not work properly. Usually no sound at all.

Output sound is fine.

Is their any BOIS, windows settings I need to fix this?


Hardware Technical details

Asus PC400 Deluxe EAY, Intel Pentium 4, 3Mz, Hyper Threading

DDR RAM 2x512Mb PNY PC3000. This computer has DDR dual channel RAM and the Device manager displays TWO CPU's, there is only one. I wonder if this is causing the shut down problems? Shows 1024MB RAM.

Hard Drive Seagate SARA V150 80Gb

Graphics MSI MicroStar Gforce4 Ti4800SE with 8X AGP

Modem NTL Broadband Cable 1Mb/s USB351000 Ambit

Windows XP Pro
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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