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mic/headphone on case

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Im trying to connect the wires that come from the headphone and mic inputs on the front of the case to the motherboard, i didn't get a manual with case,

its a DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939

The wires from the case are labelled

2x Ground
Mic In
Mic Power
L Ret
R Ret
L out
R out

and the connectors on the karajan audio module are,
(what mobo manual says)

line out left
line out right
mic right
mic left
line out left front
line out right front

can you help me please
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The headphone part is:
Ground - (pin  2) GND
R out  - (pin  5) Line out_Right 
R Ret  - (pin  6) Line out_Right_Front
L out  - (pin  9) Line out_Left 
L Ret  - (pin 10) Line out_Left_Front
I'm not 100% sure about your microphone because your motherboard has some non-standard names but I think it's:
Mic In    - (pin 1) Mic_Left
Mic Power - (pin 3) Mic_Right
This is the .PDF for the Intel front panel definitions if you'd like to have a look.
Hi, thanks for your help, i also found a guide on how to do it, but they connect the mic power to vcc, and then the other ground to mike right, but i will try both methods, yours and theirs,

only thing is though im building my pc bit by bit, as i get the money, and all ive got so far is case,psu,mobo, but i'll be getting everything else in one go hopfully in a week or two, so at the moment i obviously cant test it.

thanks though! :smile:
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