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Meta tags not showing site correclty

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Recently I made a site in dream weaver and uploaded it to the web. Web crawlers and ROBOTS have found the page, and it does show up in google searches. But the meta tags aren't working correctly. It shows the site name as "sample", with no description, but the sample hyperlink points correctly to the site. And if I open the site as a .html it shows the tittle in the browser correctly.

From doing some reading I see that meta tags display the the tittle from the title field. Any idea why this would be happening?

I know the site is indexed because it shows in Google.. I'm confused...

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What do you have under <title>Title bar text</title>? This is often what search engines use instead of <meta />

<meta name="title" content="name goes here" />

N.B.: the italicised text is the only text you should change. Changing any other text will cause the elements to not work as expected.

Are you using XHTML or HTML?
May we have a link, please? I need to see exactly what you have done.
I think your search engines are out of date is all. I know Google tries to cache the entire primary web every six months or so, I'm not sure about the others.
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