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messed with bios-need help!

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I was trying to install a printer driver to my friend's computer, would not let me download so stupid me :4-thatsba went into the settings area and did something!! I get the CPU unworkable message, I tried taking out the battery, resetting the cables, and don't know what to do. Not sure what brand of computer it is, AMD or MMX, I have no original discs for it and she cannot find them. It was running Win ME fine before I messed with it. If more info is needed please let me know as I need help right away!!. It is a pentium III.

Any help from anyone??
Thanks in advance.
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Thans for the quick reply! :1angel:

I can enter bios but not sure what I am reading. I enter by hitting the DEL button, I knew there was a problem because my numbers lock does not automatically come on like it did before. Have to do it manually. When I go into setup the menu looks loke this:

CMOS Soft Menu
Standard CMOS setup
BIOS Features Setup
Chipset Features setup
Power management setup
PNP/PCI Configuration
Load Setup defaults
Intergrated Peripherals
Passwor setting
IDE harddisk detection
Save & exit setup
Exit w/o saving

I think I wnet into about all of them, trying to fix what I messed up. Does this help in any way to guide me through how to get my windows back up and running?? :4-dontkno .

Thanks again.
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I think youre going to be Ok

just enter bios and click or select "load bios set-up defaults" then go to the exit section of the bios tabs and click on SAVE AND EXIT

give that a whirl and let us know how you progress


Well, did what you said joe and it comes up saying "CPU is unsorkable or has been changed, Please recheck-CPU soft menu"!!
So sick of seeing this on the screen. Did I make the computer so it won't work? Thought I knew what I was doing but guess I messed with something I should not have. :4-dontkno :4-thatsba
Any ideas??Thanks again.
Ok so it wants to play hard ball (girl computer that's why !!)

clear CMOS

unplug computer from electrical wall socket (important step)

then open computer case and carefull remove the cmos battery for 30 minutes

cmos battery is a shiny silver watch like looking battery about one inch in diameter / remove this from the socket and let sit for 30 minutes

then reverse the steps and try computer again ????

I' got fingers crossed for you / joe
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Thanks again for reply!
First thing I need to do is check my spelling when I post :rolleyes: ! Just so frustrated with that computer, glad I have my own to be able to get help from the forum. Finally got the windows working thanks to you.. Promise I won't mess with the bios again!!!!! :smooch:
Well, Got the windows back up but when I restar computer still comes up CPU unworkable..same as before, have to hit F1 to get into windows. Never had to do that before I messed with the bios. Any hwlp with this situation ? Maybe try to reformat and reinstall? Want to but don't have WIN ME disk. I have a laptop that I can make a bootable disk from.
Any ideas??
HMMM I wouldnt advise trying to load Windows without the disk / all the set-up files are on the disk !!

The start-up disk is only used for a non cooperative computer that cant get past the bios screen or has a bad boot loader ???

what model and make motherboard / we could try updating the bios / many times that works ?????

try downloading this utility Everest (free) after completing the install go to Mainboard information / that should give you the mobo make and model
I DOWNLOADED EVEREST (SORRY ABOUT CAPS< CAP LOCK BUTTON IS NOT ON BUT FOR SOME REASON IT IS DOING THIS) motherboard name is AbitBH6, (2 ISA, 5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 SDR DIMM) does this help? Let me know if you need more info. :wink:
download this file to a folder


Version: SS
Released Date: 2000-07-06
File Size: 157 KB
Download Time (56K): 23 sec
Supports Celeron 633(66),667(66),700(66)MHz CPUs.

everything you need is here


print the "how to upgrade bios"

then download the bios utility

then download the bios file

the bios utility and bios how to upgrade are both shown as a blue hyper link

let us know if you have more questions after checking out these three important steps ????


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Thanks for the info-how do I find the model of the bios? Do I have to take the motherboard out? I have looked inside with a flashlight and can't see any model number. Let me know.
Thanks again
I am still stumped at what to do, from wha I understand my motherboard may be discontinued. I cannot download aaything from the bios page! What am I doing wrong-help!! :cry:
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