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A Tech Support Forum User asked the following question:

I'm new to Windows, logging on with a new (used) IBM 240x and Windows XP last night for the first time...

I keep getting little windows popping up saying something like:

Message from SYSTEM to ALERT
Windows has encountered an Internal Error
Your Windows registry is corrupted.
An immediate system scan is recommended
to repair.

The web address and wording varies from time to time.

Are these messages bogus? They have the "look and feel" of the phishing messages we all get regarding eBay or PayPal...

Will appreciate any ideas or advice. As I said, this is my first real experience with a Windows machine. Happily we don't get a whole lot of virus, worm, etc. material in the Mac world.


These message come from windows messaging service and they are an indication that you have no security on your home computer.

Here is a good page on how to get rid of the "Message from System to Alert..." and other "Message from to" variations --->

To turn off the anoying Windows Messaging service :

Windows 2K --> Go to Start | Control Panel | Admin tools | and Select "Services"
Once in services locate the "Messenger" service. Right click it and Select STOP.

Windows XP --> Go to Start | Control Panel (Category View) | Performance and Maintenance (if you are in the "classic" view Use Win2K instruction) | Admin tools | Services | Locate "Messenger" then right click and Select STOP.

You will now have to take steps to secure your system with a firewall or router with NAT.
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