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"Memory test fail"

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I'm running Win98 and when I try to start my computer it says
"Memory test fail" Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter Setup
I then press F1 and it sends me to the Win98 startup menu
I chose "Safe Mode" then the computer just stays on the Windows98 screen

If anyone can help me fix this problem I would appreciate it. If you need anymore info. just ask me.
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Welcome to the TSF!

Reseat the memory. If that does not work and you have more that 1 stick of memory remove 1 stick and see if the error goes away. If not replace the first stick and remove the next stick and see what happens.
Ok I removed the memory then put it back in and still received the same message. Do you think I'm doing something wrong?
What is your hardware setup? ie processor, type of memory and number of sticks, OS.
Main Processor: Pentium III 600E MHz(120x5.0)
not really sure about type of memory the manual says SDRAM sockets where I removed the memory
1 stick of memory
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition
Since you only have one memory chip we cannot for sure say that the memory is bad. Since Windows will not start, it does look like the memory is bad. Do you know someone with a sdram memory stick you could borrow? Also, do you know if the system or memory is still under warranty?
Well I don't think the system is under warranty anymore because it had a seal on it and I broke the seal about a year ago when I installed a CDRW drive. I don't think I know anyone I can borrow a SDRAM memory stick from so what should I do?
Looks like you will need to buy a new stick of memory. Check back here tomorrow before you do. Someone may have another idea.
Thanks for your help, I'll check back tomorrow to see if anyone else has an idea.
Forgot to mention this. Try a different memory slot.
hi i have had a similar problem and have done as you said and isolated it to one of my memory Things (not sure what the correct term is) now the only difference between them is one has a Akasa copper sink on it , but these are supposed to be more helpful and ive not had any problem with it before , i belive it was caused when i think i got the blue screen but i had left my computer on so i dont know how long it had been on.

does the blue screen do as it says and dump memory , if so would this explain why this one doesnt work and the other is fine , also.

what will i loose , ive loaded my computer up without it and appart from a significant decline in computer speed i cant see anything missing , i.e files. so if its just a case of getting a new one to get my computer back up to speed that would be fine , thank you

actually its not memory i think its a Ram thing. im not a whizz when it comes to hardware but from looking on stuff on the internet im pretty sure its a Ram , so that means it doesnt store it just processes i think
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