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Memory Load

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Ok just a question for anyone who can give me an answer in laymans terms...

I have downloaded a program called techfacts, and it shows the cpu useage and memory load

CPU is low at 15% or around there which is good.
But it says that my memory load is at 67%...what is this exactly and is this high and if so how do I lower it?

Thanks for your help
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Your CPU usage will usually be low unless you are running programs that use lots of system resources, namely CAD programs and the like.

Memory usuage will usually run high as programs or operations being run on your computer run themselves from your systems memory. Parts or aspects of programs have to run in memory in order to operate.

Many "background" programs are usually running at any time and will load in your resident memory to operate! Hope this helps....


It did thank you, I was just wondering thought, when is high to high for memory to be sitting at? like it states now that I am useing 67% when I am useing the computer.
That normally depends on the OS and how much ram you have installed.

I'm running XP Pro with 312MB of ram and my memory load sits around 40-45% with 2 IE windows and Outlook open.

I would figure to high is around 80% and up for any length of time, after it hits 90% or up your gonna notice a sever drop in performance.
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