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Memory Error

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Last night I tried plugging in a cd-r in my computer and I unplugged what I think is the hard drive. It had a gray flat cable and it was installed right above my zip and A drive. I plugged it back in after realizing I didnt need to unplug it. I never did install the cd-r. Now when I reboot my computer on the upper left corner numbers start counting up until it says 64 MB ok below it, it says memory error, below that it says 162 System Options not set, then it says 164 error. Then i get a screen that pops up that gives me 2 options f1 to reboot or f10 to set up. If i hit f1 then it reboots my puter up . Any ideas how I can get rid of this mess so my compter reboots nomally like it use to? Thanks
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I'd start by making sure the memory is properly seated, check all the connections and expansion cards, and enter the BIOS setup, save the configuration and exit. One of those ought to fix the problem.
Still not working

I tried making sure everythimg was seated in their slots properly but it still is doing this. How do I enter the BIOS setup, save the configuration and exit. Thanks
If you know how to enter the BIOS setup, frequently DEL, just enter, then select the save settings and exit. This occasionally fixes corrupted parameters in the BIOS memory, it's just another trick in the bag. :)
I just took everything that would unplug and reset them in and it corrected the problem. Thanks
Same problem, error 162 only difernt

Hey there, i had the same problem as the guy above, accept after the eror 162 mesages nothing happens, im aware that i need to set up the bios settings but i cant accsess the bios menu, any ideas?
BTW its a compaq armada laptop.
if you cant get to the post screen (bios) can you hear things running and stay running or are they shutting down

remove side cover off PC / hit the power up button / does the cpu fan stay running ????? does the hard drive stay spinning (feel for vibration)

check your cables connected to the motherboard check the connection at video card

post back with progress

yea, the pc stays running , just on the scren that says
8192 KB OK
162 - System options not set.
and stays there, and if you press anything apart from F1,2,3 etc or hot alt, ctrl or somethying it just beeps.
I just cant get on to the bios set up screen, any ideas?
- Josh -
ANOTHER problem.
if you hold F10 during bot up, it does the memorie check, then it says 301 - keyboard error, then it says error 162, and then it holds for about 10 seconds and the scren goes black, the power light is still on, and the fan and hdd are stil runing.
Waw this is anoying me.:4-dontkno
Help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

Further update, it boots, does the memory check, then turns off!!!!
ah someone help me please!!!!
go to download the free memory testign disk it boots into DOS and checks memory
if you cant get that to run / try removing all but one stivck of memory

if still no joy / try a diff single stick
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