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Medion Computer - Invalid System Disk

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I am tryng to restore a friends computer to factory settings.

I inserted the recovery disk and all that did was try to put vista on again so i cancelled the process.

No on boot up all i get is:

Invalid system disk, replace the disk, and then press any key

Can anyone advise please

Ok, fixed that bit. It was due to having a USB memory stick in. So, my next question. How the hell do i restore the computer to factory settings?
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Is it a Medion recovery disk or a Vista OEM disk?
If it's a Medion Recovery disk use the disk to reinstall, I don't believe they have a recovery partition on the hard drive.

You could look in disk management to see if there is a protected partition about 2gig in size if there is then it may in fact have a recovery image of vista.
Meridion recover disk.

I run acer and have softwear that wipes to factory settings. I didn't think the disk would be that effective in wiping what was on the computer.

Shall give it a go now.
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