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Media Streaming

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I posted this in a few other forums, but I'm not getting the results I want.


I tried a rudimentary Google search for this problem, but gave up after reaching the 5th page or so.

My problem is that I cannot turn on Media Streaming under Homegroup settings. The check box is grayed out. When I click the "choose media streaming options", a message shows up saying "media streaming is disabled by group policy defined by your administrator".

I am the administrator of this computer, so how do I tweak the "group policy" in order to enabled Media Streaming?

Much thanks.

Can't check the box:

So I clicked settings. What's group policy?

And I saw the problem was over my head.

Someone else asked me if I was really the admin....

Also, someone else told me to go to the "Streaming" menu in Windows Media Player.

Where is it?
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Group Policy is a security feature in Windows 7 and can be managed in Windows 7 Ultimate & Enterprise Editions via GPEDIT.
START | type gpedit.msc

Info on Media streaming -->

WMP Media sharing -->

Regards. . .


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While your information is certainly more relevant to my question than other replies in other forums, as you can see from the screenshots, I have already discovered the Group Policy editor, and I have already read those help pages while trying to figure out the problem on my own.

I still need to know which of the group policy settings to edit, and also need to know if tweaking that will fix lack of a "streaming" button on my media player.

have you enabled it in the network sharing center in control pannel? It should be with file and printer sharing.
I already went through ever conceivable menu in Control Panel.
This is probably the first page I went to.

To tell the truth, this computer is my dad's old work computer (he has since moved onto Macs, ehh), and his employers probably didn't want him to share stuff or something, and disabled something in group policy.

To reiterate, which thing do I need to retweak.
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Someone else showed me the solution:

Thanks for the effort.
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