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media link in address bar streams and does not download

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This has been rattling my brain for the past week. I downloaded IE9 because IE8 has been draining memory when I have numerous windows open... seriously some pagers will be at 600,999k with no end in sight of chewing up memory...

Anyway... the real issue. IE9 broke the way I download videos, and for the life of me I can't get it to come back (even after reverting back to IE8)


ZR1 Corvette Top Speed - Courtesy Chevrolet Phoenix video by CourtesyChev - Photobucket

That is a page for a video on photobucket (pretty nice ZR1 going 206mph)

Now I used to be able to view the source of the page to get the actual video location, use that link in the address bar, hit enter and the "open/save/save as" box would come up so I could download the video.

Now when I grab the direct link:

It will stream the video and not allow me to save it. I mean there is a work around by going to with the link and making a new link. When the page loads the tinyurl link I can "right click save as" it..... But that is too much work for something that worked in IE8 just fine until I upgraded

Now all that happens is an internal quicktime loads. I tried disabling the quicktime plug in and changing the default media player, but then it will load WMP and stream in that (with no option to save there either)

Any thoughts? (Windows 7 ultimate)
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