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Media centre.

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Hello, :confused:

I get frustrated by seeing my album covers (all set up correctly in Media Player) not emulated in Media Centre display.

How can I see the files (album covers) that Media Centre sees, and alter them with my NCH Stamp program, to embed correct images?
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Are is the art work fixed to each song or just the album?
The download for the software is right here: Mp3tag - Download

I have a feeling that the MP3 files don't have the artwork linked to them.
To get it to work in Media Center I believe each song needs its own artwork.

I guess I am wondering what the actual relationship rules are between the two of them?
Nothing really, I rarely use Media Center.
Try to drag and drop the album picture into the picture slot on MP3Tag.
Uh, I'm not sure to be honest :grin:

I know everything about the .mp3 is contained within the file itself. So maybe Media Center is just seeing a mess-up within the file?
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