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Media centre.

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Hello, :confused:

I get frustrated by seeing my album covers (all set up correctly in Media Player) not emulated in Media Centre display.

How can I see the files (album covers) that Media Centre sees, and alter them with my NCH Stamp program, to embed correct images?
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Hi Masterchiefxx17,

It is both, as some files were continuous MP3 conversions of WAV vinyl recordings with no track splitting.
I am having difficulty finding the program, as other installers or programs seem to be trying to get downloaded instead? This is me saying that a direct MP3tag program has not been discovered? I shall persevere??
OK Masterchief,

Finally downloaded it and have been using it.

I find that some MP3 files have embedded artwork, and others do not show up artwork at all, even though in Media Player, the generic artwork is displayed?

Should every file separately have artwork, or is it not necessary for display in Windows Media Player or Media Center?

Media Center is weird in that some albums that display correct artwork in Windows Media player, show differently?

I guess I am wondering what the actual relationship rules are between the two of them?

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OK, I'll add album images to every song that is without them and see what happens.

Hey masterchief,

yes, the program is great. I am deleting multiple wrong tags and saving the correct ones. It is so gratifying to see clarity.

Thanx so much for your help. :smile:
Oops. I'm back with another question.....

MP3Tag will not "see" embedded artwork inside a ripped CD MP3 file, there just being a blank white "no-image".
Yet, the album, eg. "Salin Shoes" by Little Feat, will display album image in Windows Media Player.
So, where is this album image hiding. If I alter the folder view to large icons, it becomes seeable on every music track?
This happens on heaps of my albums, so I would love to see where they hide them and why MP3tag can't see them?

Please excuse me being a pain here. :banghead:
No, it happens on every CD I rip that has artwork inherent, the artwork visible in Media Player, but not when I open the saved folder and song files inside with Mp3Tag.
There is visible just a white watermark icon, yet I know the images are available somewhere as they open in Media Player?

I also have a problem with Media Centre not displaying the same artwork images as is seen in Media Player (just some exceptions, say about 10%?). I have disabled Media Player from updating album info from the internet, which may be the problem?

However, Media Centre has a general problem now in that I cannot access "settings" for audio, video, pictures etc. The program gives an error msg saying "program did not load all items. please restart MC" or words to that effect. Re-starting does not solve the issue.

And I thought all my XP MCE problems would disappear with Win7 Pro?
Yes, that works OK.

However, Media player displays the correct album art even though there is the watermark blank seen in MP3Tag, so I don't actually need to do this.

I would like to know how to look at tags that Media Centre accesses? Media Centre displays images (album artwork) different sometimes than that of media player?
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