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Mech Warrior 4

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Is mech warrior 4 demo any good, any thoughts?
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Hmm just played it at a friends house.. was pretty cool!
Where ya been Shawn? Long time no see...
Well thank you, :D I've been around checking out, some things.
I thought you people started hating, because every time I post no one would reply. I thought you people dislike me or something.....but im cool, so what about you? how you doing?
Im fine.. and nobody hates you around here.. as long as your being a nice person I see no reason why people would hate you. You are more than welcome here!
The game runs nice & smooth, graphics are tight! controls I don't like. But maybe some time DJ Specs if you want lets play the game some time........
Im not much of a gamer.. you would slaughter me! LOL!
my dad plays mech warrior (vengeance, blacknight and mercenaries :)). he has the game configured on his joystick.

playing the game will be much easier then with a keyboard ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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