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Having problems installing Windows TAP to Virtual Ethernet adapter for NordVPN Win 7 64bit.

Hi I have been with NordVPN techs live chat support 6 times still not installing, Have downloaded WDK , W2K3sp2, Win 7 drivers kit, Debuggers which i don't know how to use but i can follow instructions and not scared. The main problem is my Win 7 isn't letting me install some tools i need such as this following message trying to install WDK....

"Unexpected Configuration Error. Rollback 100% complete
Microsoft Windows Kit Configuration Aborted.
Error Uninstalling Device Simulation Framework Development Environment"....***

This simple task is turning into a big overhaul in the long run which isnt all that bad..
I only need to install Devcon.exe which i have extracted from somewhere after instructions but i cant even make it go in using config cmd.

Installed now is the following plus more...

OpenVPN 2.4.9-161-
Win 7, TAP Windows 9.21.2,
Debugging tools for Windows 7, and symbols,
DriverToolKit version,
Microsoft Windows 7 SDK,
Windows Live Essentials,
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
and a bunch of other stuff after researching what could be causing the issue.

I did start up the Debugger and it did report a ton of issues around ports and drivers and elsewhere in the networking and C
However i have not debugged before and if i have to ill learn and run the program..
I have read some instructions so far is there an easier way to Debug the whole PC with just a couple of clicks without buying some tool online.
Any advice on this issue will help for a start if this could be the problem installing this driver.

I just want to install this little DevCon.exe into the virtual Ethernet so my NordVPN will work without doing a complete reinstall of my windows 7 this year ..Yes im aware are being forced to move on but right now i cant afford to and don't really want to as yet.

If anyone can help me sort this matter and get me going i would really appreciate your help very much and big Thanks.

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I suggest ProtonVPN and not NordVPN because I have heard that NordVPN hands your info to the government....
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