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ME bluescreen when dialing

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Im troubleshooting a blue screen error on a client's computer. He is receiving 2 different errors. One is a 'Windows Protection Error' with no unique information provided. The machine is running windows ME and had a non-ME-compatible version of McAfee installed. I had to remove it manually, followinf the instructions provided at McAfees website. Specific articles in MS' KB linked this error with improper installations of McAfee and another anti-virus program(Panda?).

Now, the strange part. This error was only occuring while dialed into the internet. Once McAfee and registry entries were removed, the error seemed to stop. Once moved back to the client's residence, the machine now has a blue screen error every time it attempts to connect to the internet through dialup. Username and password are verified, TCP/IP negotiates(as seen in the radius logs of our servers) and at this point i believe is when the blue screen occurs.

User claims another blue screen is being displayed randomlly that was never witnessed while the madhine was in for service. Below is the error... I can find no information on VXD --- (The user claims this is exactly what was displayed in the OE error, but i have not witnessed it myself... the '---' does not seem to be congruent with common VXD errors.)

Is there any reason at all that a phone line, or power outlet could cause such errors? The only varialbes seem to be a printer, a fax machine (which the phone line runs through to the computer), the power outlet, and the phone line itself... and of course the user. Before sending the machine out, I was able to dial-in successfully several times and had no errors at all.

Thanks in advance for any advice or discussion.
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With the dial up it is quite possible that the connection was some what associated with mcafee and either you remive one to many line in the reg or you missed a line in the log files for the dial up. What ISP are they using
I had a similar problem after un-installing sattelite modem drivers, and I re-loaded the OS before I actually figured it out.

It only takes 1/2 hour to load an OS, I think it saves time and fustration.

Does this mean I don't know what the problem is? YES! But I have given you a solution none the less.
Jamman I think you have the easiest solution. Editing the reg can cause all sorts of problems (personal expereince).
Do not fear the registry. It is your friend.
But one little slip up can be a pain to repair. I work with the registry often but it is like defussing a bomb one little slip KABOOM (blue screen or worse)

What version of McAfee was installed in the system, did it come with McAfee's built in firewall?

If it did you might have missed it in the registry as it is not in the same place as the anti-virus keys. Check the TCP/IP Bindings and make sure they're not bound to anything like McAfee Firewall.

also VXD --- :confused: Never seen it but it is M.e. and therefor anything bad is possible. X(
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