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Mb = Ata 33,66,100 Hd = Ata 100

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Thanks for your time!

The BIOS recognizes the drive OK, but reports the drive installed as 20gb(ok) ATA 33(not ok).

Both MB and Drive are ATA 100 Compatable, I find no applicable jumpers or BIOS settings.

This is my first attempt at faster access drives. What am I doing wrong?

HD=Maxtor, 20 GB ATA 100, 7200 rpm MB=MSI MS-6524GL Socket 478 DIMM

Thanks again.
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This could be due to the cable. Are you using a ATA 66/100 IDE Cable?
I May not be. I have a box full, some older than dirt.

I used a flat ribbon cable out of that box.

Is there a visible way to identify the correct cable? Seems like they are all flat and gray.


The ATA 66/100 will have thinner wires and 80 of them instead of 40.................Also it will have one blue end which has to go to the motherboard.............:winkgrin:
OK, Thanks!

Thanks to all of you for your help and your time...
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