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Maxtor OneTouch 4 1TB Failure...suggestions needed!

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Hi all,

I've been using my Maxtor OneTouch 4 to back up all my most important image, video, finance and personal files. The other day while it was spinning the enclosure tipped over when the cord was accidentally kicked. The unit did not fall off of anything it simply tipped on its side. Since then the unit won't spin up and it makes a series of short buzzing noises (buzz, pause, buzz, pause, etc) for about 1 min then stops completely and the light on the front stays illuminated continuously. It no longer shows up in Windows 7.

What likely happened? What would you guys/gals do? If it turns out I need to send it in for data recovery, can someone recommend a very affordable option? I'm out of work (join the club I know) and have limited resources. Thanks in advance.
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It could be a seized/bent spindle, not uncommon for Maxtor/Seagates with impact. First thing to do is get the disk out of the enclosure and mount it into a desktop as an internal drive to verify if the enclosure may have been damaged. Unfortunately, the chances of an affordable recovery on those drives is pretty slim if it is a spindle issue. Probably in the $1200 - $1500 range. It would require a platter swap into a compatible drive - and those drives have baffle plates between the platters which makes it a highly specialized operation.
Charge.....clear....KA-THUMP! beep...beep...beep....whew. Now that I've got a heartbeat again I should say thanks for the reply. I've had a post on the Seagate forums for several days now and not a single reply. The warranty on the drive means nothing to me so I'll just pull the thing apart per instructions in numerous threads I've read on the subject. If I can get it to work mounted internally on my desktop I'll be pumped. If not, can anyone recommend the most affordable recovery option?
Okay I pulled this thing apart and here are the specs.

Barracuda 7200.11
1000 Gbytes
S/N: 9QJ0M4W1
P/N: 9BX158-568
Firmware: SD81
Date Code: 08454
Site Code: KRATSG

It also says warranty is void if drive experiences shock in excess of 300 Gs. Really? 300? This thing tipped over....that's it. It didn't fall it tipped over! 300 Gs is huge unless I'm interpreting that wrong.

My next dilemma is that my home desktop is antiquated (although it's running Win7 like a champ) and I don't have SATA connections. I need to find someone with a new machine and test this thing. It just can't be easy can it.

Does the info above offer any insight into what might be going on or what I should do?
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Okay, I'm here at my buddy's place and he has a new Gateway FX desktop with what appears to be two SATA expansion bays on the front of this thing. I inserted my drive into one of the carriages and slid it into the front. I can hear the drive spin up...maybe...and it sounds like it's searching for data. It never shows up in Explorer though. Do I need to do anything in Vista to get it to recognize a SATA drive in the bay? I'm also assuming it's hot swappable, right?
Greeeeeeeat. I know it's bad news when only one guy (thanks raptor_pa) replies to my post and now he's not around. I'm am straight up hosed here. Special thanks to Maxtor/Seagate for making a miserably bad product. I've since gotten a 1TB Verbatim multi-connection external drive and it's clearly leagues better than the Maxtor pond scum.
Sounds like I'll be making another trip to his house. Thanks again raptor_pa.
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