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Maxstor One Touch III

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I have a Maxstor one touch III 500Gb remote hard drive.
Which is almost full of several years of photographs.
For some reason on switch on today it will not open up -after a long wait I got a message asking if I wanted to format it.
Anyone any idea how I might get it to re open so that I can get the images off onto another hard drive?
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First, try a different cable. You can try to use some file recovery software like GetDataBack, Recuva or R-Studio but if it's more than just partition or file system corruption that may not work.

If that doesn't work you can try and open the enclosure to remove the drive and try it in another enclosure or internally in a machine to see if it was just the drive enclosure that was bad.

It's a bad time to learn a lesson about backups but you need to have at least two secure backups of files that are important. Storing everything in a single location is just asking for data loss.
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