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Maufacturers screen stays on for 10 minutes

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Trying to fix a pc, its an HP Compaque.

When i boot up i get the HP splash screen and it stays on for at least 10 minutes, if i press f10 i can get into bios (after a long delay), i tried changing the boot sequence to cd-rom and inserting a windows xp disc but nothing happens (although i can hear the drive running).

Ive reset the defaults in bios also.

Can anyone shed any light on the problem please?

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try changing the keyboard and mouse and make sure they are plugged into the right ports
Try resetting your CMOS :smile:
Wots the best way to reset the cmos?
Speedster123 said:
You can not use a USB keyboard for this procedure. You must use a PS2 keyboard.

You will need your manual to find the jumpers that must be changed.

If you skip or miss any step you must start again since the results will not be valid.

Make sure that all 4 power connectors are plugged into the board where required.
# 24pin ATX connector.
# 4pin +12v P4 connector, near the ATX connector.
# Floppy power connector, under the CPU socket.
# Hard drive power connector, on top the chipset fan

Remove power from the rig by pulling the plug or switching the PSU off.

Move the PC Speaker jumper to the ON position.

Remove the Battery.

Move the CMOS jumper to CLEAR.

Press the Start Button on the case or motherboard to drain the capacitors.

You may leave the board in this condition for as long as it takes to clear the CMOS. If a short 30 second clear or a 15 minute clear doesn't work, try an 8 hour clear then a 24 hour clear.

Plug in a PS2 Keyboard.

Put one stick of RAM in the top orange slot marked DIMM2.(may vary on Infinity boards)

Replace the Battery.

Move the CMOS jumper to Normal.

Press and hold the Insert Key on the Keyboard.

Apply power to the rig by plugging the power in or using the switch on the PSU.

Press the Start Button to power the rig up.

When you hear the BEEP, release the Insert Key and press the Delete Key on the Keyboard.

Once you enter the BIOS set the DATE and TIME then Load Optimized Defaults.

Save and Exit.

Enter the BIOS again and set it up the way you want for your particular rig.
Taken from a colleague on the TSF Hardware Tech Teams Post. Use this to reset your CMOS Battery.
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