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Master/slave hard drive issues.

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Hey, I'm new to the forums but need a quick solution to my problem. First off I have a laptop hard drive on my desktop. It is recognized in BIOS as a secondary IDE Master. I just added a desktop hard drive today as a slave. If it WERE recognized in BIOS, I set it up as a primary IDE slave. First off I don't know if it is possible to have a secondary IDE master and a Primary IDE slave. IF that is not possilbe to have working (i got windows xp running) then what could I do with these two hard drives to get one a slave and one running xp pro (prefferably my laptop harddrive because it has all of my info and I don't want to have to back it up.

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What it is recognized as most likely has to do with how you set it up. If you want to use the hard drive from your other computer as a boot drive I suggest you set the jumpers to Master, then place it on the Primary IDE slot, place it on the END of the ribbon cable and it should work. Then, take the second hard drive you want as a slave and set the jumpers to slave and place it on the MIDDLE position of the ribbon cable. That should get it going. Be sure you are using an 80 connector cable for hard drives and not the old 40 connector cables.
just for further information:

your desktop has two IDE channels

A primary IDE channel (blue IDE slot on motherboard = usually)

secondary IDE channel (black IDEslot on the motherboard)

both channels can accomodate a master and a slave dont forget; if you have an optical drive (cd-rom or dvd drom drive) then it needs to be set on the secondary channel, generally as a slave if you want to be able to boot Cd's with it ????

you could; although performance will be reduced for the hard drive in this configuration, you can add a hard drive to the same cable on the secondary IDE channel >>>> it would be jumpered as a Slave
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Yep, since you don't have the option of jumpers on the laptop drive, on the primary IDE channel, put your hard drive with XP on the end of the ribbon cable and jumper it as Cable Select (CS). Then, put the laptop hard drive in the middle of the ribbon cable, and it will be a slave.
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