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I cannot find a manual anywhere for the Intel board AR440BX,
made for Dell. The Dell part# 7328C. Dell Dimension 400v, or
400c. There is also Intels AA 713802-212 on a sticker in one
corner, and embeded on the back corner is PB 710731-002.
The FCC states Intel type AR440BX.
2 ISA slots
3 PCI slots
banks 0,1 and 2 for RAM or SDram?
primary, secondary, floppy and an.......... AMC?(pinned slot
shorter than the IDE)
2 MTD 3302 chips
1 1182BCSW, on a AGP chipset.

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Have you tried PC Reference? This place has a huge download of tons of old computer manuals, I've found docs for several old MB's from them. If the board is from 1999 or before, there's a good chance it's here.

I found several that sound like they might be a match, but without further details. Here's one description:

Pentium II
32-bit PCI slots (4), floppy drive interface, game/MIDI port, green PC connector, IDE interfaces (2), parallel port, PS/2 mouse port, serial ports (2), IR connector, USB connectors (2), ATX power connector, AGP slot, line in, line out, microphone in
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