Recently Apple and Google have removed a malicious app from their stores. The new malware app is called “Find and Call” and was flagged by Kaspersky to be a type of malware. The app was available on Google Play since May 21st and Apple’s app Store since June 13th. When uploading a new application to Apple’s app Store or Google Play, the app goes through heavy screening to prevent any viruses. Amazingly the “Find and Call” app was the first ever application to “trick” Apple’s screening processes.

The app was created to work with MegaFon, one of Russia’s largest mobile carriers. The developer’s website reported that the app would allow users to call random people without a phone number as long as you are associated with the “Find and Call” app. The app’s website was written in English but the app itself was written in Russian.

Once installation was complete the app would secretly upload the user’s phone book data to the developer’s server, without the user’s consent. Once the entire phone book was uploaded, everybody in their contacts would receive an SMS or Text message advertising the “Find and Call” app. The app used your phone number and name to send the app, as if you sent it to your friend. On top of the SMS messaging the app would also search for email addresses within the phone book. If an email was found spam emails would be sent to that address.

Google and Apple do an impressive job screening new applications for mobile malware, but they can’t be perfect. However, there are a few ways to protect yourself. If you’re running Android there are virus protection apps, such as AVG, to scan your device. Another Android trick is to plug your SD card into your PC and allow your anti-virus to scan the SD card. Alternatively if you're suspicious about an app, just check the reviews. Reviews on applications are a great way to spot a scam. If the app seems too good to be true or doesn’t add up, then don’t download it. If you don’t need the app, then don’t download it. It's always better to be safe than sorry with regards to data on your phone.

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