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Malware caused BSOD and won't boot

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I was on pirate bay earlier trying to find an eBook, and didn't even download anything. Just did a search then left the site. About 3 minutes later I started getting notifications in the bottom right about AntiMalware Doctor, then popups and so on. I tried to run task manager, and it caused a BSOD, which I could no longer boot up after.

I am on Windows 7 x32. I have ran the system recovery tools repeatedly until it stopped trying to repair. Then I tried using "bootsect /nt60 ALL" which did not work either. I cannot boot into safe mode either as I run into the same problem. Before running bootsect I was getting an error as soon as it would start to boot. After running it, I atleast get the black screen that says starting windows with the little animation then it just restarts.

Any help would be most appreciated!
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Re-install Windows. If you pick the "Custom Installation" option it should save the data from your previous install to a folder called Windows.old located on your C:\ drive.

If you want to back-up your data before attempting the re-install then use Ubuntu (Linux).

You can find the download link and the instructions on how to create a "LiveCD" (or a USB drive) here:
Thank you for the fast response. I read last night that installing Ubuntu Desktop on a dual boot was risky because it could cause a loss of hardware (since it resizes the windows partition). Is there a good chance of data loss doing this?

Just to be clear, I should grab the Ubuntu Desktop installer and the Universal USB installer, then just boot from it and install Ubuntu? I see something on here called Ubuntu Windows Installer but that looks like its to be run from inside Windows.

Thanks again in advance!
No, you do not need to install Ubuntu. When you place the CD in (desktop edition, or any other for that matter) it will give an option along the lines of: "try Ubuntu without making any changes to your computer"

This will not install Ubuntu, but rather allow you to use it to back up everything to another external device (eg a flash drive/ eternal hard drive)
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