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Make WINe Work

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Anyone know how to make WINe work? I have the RPM on my desktop now. After trying to unpack it, "rpm -q wine" reports that it isn't installed. How do I install it correctly? There is so much I must learn about Linux, so bear with me.:no:
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if you have the rpm on your desktop have you installed it? at a prompt cd to the location of the rpm and then install it with the following command:

rpm --install <somebinary.rpm>
That may be where I was going wrong. I wasn't going to any folder in peticular.
It still wasn't working. I tried going under the folder "/etc/wine/standard" and then trying to RPM it and it didn't do anything. By the way, I made the last two folders prior to trying this, as well as an opengl folder under wine as I had an OpenGL version and a normal version.
After trying the command line diferently, I think I got it in. However, it still does say with "rpm -q wine" that it isn't in. It may just be what I am looking at must not be recognized. I guess now we need to cross our fingers and try it.:pray:
wine is a pain the butt ... good luck.. I just run games that have been ported to Linux :winking: like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, SimCity 3k and UT 2003 :)
I play some games that aren't ported to Linux, like Half Life. I have also yet to find a Linux Unreal, though I know it exists. I also want to connect to my ISP from Linux (which currently offers only a Windows version of their software!). Beyond that, I think I can manage off of Linux native software. I also have been wanting to play with WINe. Also, I have WINe in, but I need to add, link, and tweak a few files to get it going. While we're here, what's the proper usage to make it work? Is it like "wine executeable"?
well in the limited experience I have with wine it is usually invoked with

wine <options> program name
Knowing the commands may help me out some. What are they? I haven't found them in the docs yet, but I may not be looking hard enough.
gotissues68 said:
man wine :winking:
Do what now?:confused: ...but I already got the manuals with me!:no:
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