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I asked a <friend> to upgrade my system from win 98 to 2000, and i am having some major problems.

1. i cannot use win update, the following comes up "cannot update- check date and time setting" that is fine. i also deleted cache. and still nothing,, same error. also 0x800C0008

2. internet connection(ok yes, i still have dial up-- don't fuss i know) anyway this prompt comes up. " NET BEVI CP 733 .computer could not agree on PPP controls.
TCP/IP CP connected successfully.

3. i can receive email but am unable to send, this error prompt comes up.
"server does not support a SSL connection. error # 250 0x800CC7D

you guys are the best, you have helped me a few times.. this time i have some major screw ups... I appreciate your patience and assistance. Thanks much! cubbie:sigh:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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