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Ok guys first post here (second try)

first try was ruined by crash, ill be allitle more brief so no more 3rd try.

Ok got a
Gigabyte 8knxp mobo
p4 800fsb 3000mhz
leadtek gf4 ti 4600
1gb (2x 512mb elixir ddr400)
400 watt psu
2 opticals

Now the problem is that my computer just freezes after i boot up into win xp and do something in it. The time after laoding is random so to reproduce the problem is really hard.

Here is what happens: no matter what you do be that watch a movie, surf the net or work with photoshop, the computer just freezes on ya. I mean you get a still picture on the monitor, the keyboard and mouse do not respond, but the fans keep on running.

Then u gotta press reset and boot once again. I got all the latest bios updates.

My first thought to why the problem happend was power.

But it seems the problem happens on 3 different psus ranging from 350 watt to 550watt on minimal settings, ie 1 hdd, no optical drives etc.

Secondly, it can be overheating, but just after crash state the cpu temp is at a nice 46-47 degree. Gpu is warm but not hot. Northy seems also to be in the tropics.

Dunno, help me out guys?
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