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major problem immediate advice needed!

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I drive a 94 Buick Century. I already knew it had a anti freeze leak, but we didn't know if it was just a small one that you could fix with some stopleak, or if it was something that I needed to have the whole intake manafold replaced.

I put the stopleak in the radiator, and the car drove fine for several weeks.

About 2 weeks ago though, the temperature gauge started climbing every time I drove. This last week, it was always past the "H" and out past the red zone. I noticed I was due for an oil change, so I got the oil changed. The guy told me that anti freeze was mixing with my oil, and that the head gasket was prolly blown.

I asked him how much to fix it, and he told me the part would be $200, and the labor $800 since it was gonna be an 11 hour job.

Well After the oil was chnaged the temperature dropped back down to the normal halfway mark, and was steady for a day or 2. NOw the temperature starts climbign back up again, but then after awhile, it will drop drastically back down.

I work at bestbuy and was talking the autotechs, and they said that the part should only be like $20, and the job should only take like 1-2 hours. They were amazed that the guy told me it would be $1000 to fix it.

WHat I was wondering is, how long can I drive this thing without getting the problem fixed, and also if I put water instead of anti freeze in the coolant tank and radiator, will that help solve the problem, since water has no harmful chemicals in it
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Jessman, take it to a mechanic and have them do a cooling system pressure check. What they will do is pump up the radiator with a gauge and leave it for a bit to see if any leakage occurs. If it's a blown head gasket, it'll leak into the cylinders and possibly shoot out the spark plug holes if they're removed. If it's anything else, you may be able to hear the leak if the shop's quiet enough.
I'd still put the 50/50 antifreeze mix in it - plain water will let it run hot quicker.
hey jessman if you can get someone to replace that head gasket for 20 bucks in 1-2 hours that is a heck of a deal but dont be suprised if he backs out real quick.

if water was getting in the oil either your intake gaskets or head gasket is bad. once water starts going into the oil pan its time to do something quick or you will be installing a new motor very soon. your first quote of 200/800 is not a bad quote for the job at hand (unless its just an intake gasket job). check around with differant mechanics and shops you may get a better price. i suggest doing something about it soon or the price is going to go up substanceual for replaceing the bottom end from the damage the water is going to do.

as far as changeing the oil that shouldnt have anything to do with making the car not overheat.

the chemicles in antifreeze are not what hurt the bearings its the fact that when antifreeze or water are on the bearings they are not lubed well enough to prevent wear. if you check your oil i'd be willing to bet it is already milky looking even with new oil.

as i said before my best advise is get something done asap or your going to be buying a new motor/car. your motor could lock up as soon as the next time you drive it if there is too much water in your oil pan.

sorry for the bad news
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yeah, I just decided to get a new car althogether. I am gonna try and sell it to help pay for the car. Do you think $400 is asking too much?

Thigns it needs are:

2 new tires
head gasket
intake manafold
probably could use new brakes

I mean the car still runs, and it's got 139,000 miles on it, but it's just that it COULD break down any time
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you should be able to get 400 easy for it. it still has a good tranny and parts for those who need them.

you may be able to sell it pretty quick on for a parts car.

watch out for the guys that try to talk you down just to take it to the scrap metal yard for a quick profit.

if you have a place to store it for a bit, parting it out would be more profitable. call the junkyards around and price your parts a bit cheaper and you should get more than 400 out of it.

good luck and enjoy your new car

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