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Major P4c800 Deluxe Problems Help!!!

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Hello everyone, my computer summarized:

2.66ghz P4 533FSB CPU
ThermalTake Spark7 CPU Fan
2x512mb (1gb) Corsair PC3200 XMS TwinX LL RAM
Leadtek Geforce4 Ti4600 Video Card
120gb Western Digital 8MB buffer HD
Audigy Soundcard

To my problem. I just moved back up to Berkeley for the fall semester. In the dorms, the school provides us with a T1 connection capped at 10Mb at Half-Duplex. On each floor, there is a network of all the residents' computers. Now I have two problems:

1) I know that I am NOT a part of the network of computers on my floor. For example, when my floormates make a game server, everyone is able to join the room as a lan game, but the game doesn't even show up on my game list. From this, I can infer that I am not a part of the network. And yes, my onboard lan is ON in my BIOS.

2) The incredibly weird thing is that, I only have access to the internet for a maximum of 20-25 minutes before it cuts off, and I am forced to restart my computer, where the internet is once again restored, but only to be cut off the next 20-25 minutes. The cycle continues. But I never had this particular problem at home with my DSL with this computer. So I am led to believe it is something with the school's internet, but I am the only one with this problem. I'm clueless.

I know you guys have many other things that you guys could be doing, so I thank you for taking the time to read through my problems and helping me out in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Although I am not familiar with your sound card, I can safely say that the P4C 800 D, comes with pretty good sound. Why don't you see how it works without the added sound card?

The LAN gaming really sounds like fun. Is there someone on campus who works for the school that can check on your connection? I would go to your command prompt and type
ipconfig hit enter that will tell you your IP address. Then type ipconfig /release hit enter. Then type ipconfig /renew and that should give you a new address. Also make sure your on board sound is disabled in bios it will cause conflicts and may be part of your problem. What do you guys usually play for games on LAN?
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