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Major FPS loss in ALL games

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This computer that i'm at seems to, after being formatted not once, but twice, get major FPS loss in all games after about 5 minutes. The game gets slower and slower during about 13 seconds, and then goes to a halt for half a minute. Then it proceeds as it should, just to repeat the process after another three minutes!

I've done everything i could think of, update drivers, run dxdiag and a whole lot of stuff. So, please, help me! This problem makes LAN games impossible :sigh:
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please post your system specs and list ur graphics card and what drivers you are using.
Oh, right.

Ram: 256 MB
HDD: 80 Gb
Pentium 4 something (Don't know more than that about that:p)
Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti 200, 64 Mb

I got the latest video drivers for it, i think. Aah, what the heck, i'll try updating again.
Welcome to TSF Darth Hideous.

Okay, first off, would you be able to show us what kind of a system you are running. Just so we have an idea of what performance you SHOULD be getting.
Edit: Damn, Fr4665 beat me to it.
Other things you might try is to just have a general clean of the innards of your computer, either with a can of compressed air, or if you feel comfortable doing so, with a soft cloth and a bit of elbow grease.
You would be surprised how much of a performance hit dust can cause, via overheating.
After that you could defragment your hard drive(s) and just try a general clean of of your computer, make sure you have plenty of space left on your hard drives(s), OS'es need room to function properly.

If all else fails, try running a clean boot, by shutting down all unnecessary background programs (Virus scanners, firewalls etc.)

Let us know how you go.
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Ok, i'll try to follow the advice of yours, TS! Now that i think of it, i can't remember how long ago we dusted the comp. Any specifics on the cloth? We don't have any "canned air", so...
No preference on cloth that i'm aware of, just don't go scrubbing the motherboard or anything, focus on your fans and heatsinks and be very careful, remember to ground yourself before touching anything or you may well fry the whole thing.
Would it be good to start with a vaccum cleaner? :D
Ah, no, i wouldn't recommend it...
Ok. Stupid friends dad to reccomend vaccum cleaner...

EDIT: Looked inside; We must have cleaned it without me noticing.
In addition to the other suggestions here, check the "Common Game Issues" link in my signature, and run through any steps you haven't already done.
if/when you do clean out the inside again, do not use a cloth that creates static!! That is why TS said to ground yourself first by holding on to the metal part of the case while you'r doing this. Best thing is to just go buy a can of compressed air for $5 and blow it out. The less contact made during this, the better.
remember that the latest drivers from nvidia dont support the geforce 3. i would suggest taking a look at the driver version 69 or 7x
Oh? And where might i get those?
(It says it's supported in the list :D)

Oh, and i've already seen the common game problems, it was the first thing i checked before i joined.
Forceware 77.77 drivers for XP

Check your temperatures and PSU voltages. Post a SensorsView screenshot from when you first switch on and another from when the games start to lag.

256mb is very low for XP. 512mb or 1gb is recommended. What are your virtual memory settings (swap file)? How much free hard drive space do you have?
Ooops, wait, i have 512 MB. Sorry for the mistake.

I don't know if a screenshot is necessary, it's got to be that it's getting overheated; Even when i first started the game it warned me about the temperature being too high. And that was when i was in the menu!
2 screenshots will help us pinpoint what is overheating and show how efficient the PSU is under stress.
Ah, no, i wouldn't recommend it...
personally i use a vacuum cleaner in mine not a very strong one though.if you use one be sure the tip is plastic,and all will be well.also be sure not to be rough with anything with the tip.
2 screenshots will help us pinpoint what is overheating and show how efficient the PSU is under stress.
The problem is; I can't take a screenshot when it's lagging because i can't switch to that program then. All my controls are rendered useless during the lag.

EDIT: Oh, i'll take it AFTER the lag :D Anyway, i took a pic of what it looked like when i started the game:

I just noticed one of the fans have stopped aswell. Could be a reason too.
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your problem looks like heat.that 71c spike is definetly to high.when i play games the highest temp i see is like 40c.
I think it's the fan, then. It's not spinning, so i took it out of the comp but i can't seem to fix whatever it is that adds to the friction. It seems to be in the "motor" of the fan. Any ideas?
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