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Major FPS drop when i move my mouse o.O

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Major FPS drop after new driver update NEED HELP plz ?

G'day im usually good at fixing pc issues but this is 1 ive never encountered before when updating my Age of Conan game to the newest patch and then trying to run the game it asked me to update to the newest 8800gt drivers as the current drivers are know to have many client crashes etc so i thought hmm well may as well if it fixes those annoying mid fight crashes ( especially when ur tanking a 3x Elite boss )

so after installing these latest drivers and opening the game all seemed to be going well i logged in etc and started to run around and noticed huge FPS loss at first i checked my video settings changed them to low and clicked apply then changed them back to my normal settings of everything on max and applied to reset the game etc.

i noticed when i run i have my normal 70-80 fps but as soon as i move my mouse to change where i am looking or even across my Gui the frames drop to 0 - 1 fps

this has not happened to me in game until this new driver update so my second thing to do was uninstall my latest drivers and go back to my old 1. thats when things go weird.

after going back to my old drivers the issue was still there games run fine without any mouse movement started to get pissed off so i started uninstalling and reinstalling my mouse drivers etc

that didn't fix the issue at all. after hours of thinking and asking all my mates on vent we decided that a Nuke cd is our only last option so i pulled out my XP 64 bit cd and nuked her good.

after reinstalling xp 64 bit then sp2 then my mobo and then my 8800's drivers i tried running a game again same issue this is very weird ive never ever come across this issue before if anybody knows how i should continue please let me know it would be a great help ty in advance

PS: Conan rox WoW sux its true even ask blizzard ( we all know they are playing AoC )
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/bump this thread!

I strumbled across this forum by Google. I have EXACTLY the same problem. My friends suggest its a problem with D3d. I have the problem when playing EVE Online.
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