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Ok well I have an acer aspire 3003Lci with windows xp home addition SP2 and for the past 3 months or so i'v been having issues with the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH but its not as simple as that The issue is that the BSOD shuts down my computer and then restarts it at random times (usually after 5-10 minutes of no activity) but when it goes to restart another BSOD comes up with a totaly different error message comes up but the strange thing is that every time my computer crashes theres a different BSOD there have never been 2 of the same i need to know what to do to fix this because although when im doing somthing on the computer it never happens. However when i step away for 5-10 minutes my computer crashes and its seriosly creating probems with things like gaming. Please if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

And i managed to copy down some of the text names of the stop errors before i figured out it was useless

here they are:





Please if you can help me please do
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