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Mainboard RAM=Purple monitor?

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I have a pretty new athlon xp 1.8ghz based system that originally had a 256MB PNY 333mhz DDR dimm in the first slot. Yesterday I added a 512MB kingston 333mhz DDR dimm in the second slot. Before long the screen would flicker and then take on a purpleish tint. If I turn it off the problem goes away, but soon comes back. When I remove the new dimm the problem seems to go away, and when I remove the original card but leave the new one there also appears to be no problem. Could there be a compatibility problem? heat? Thanks for your help.
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Some times different memory companys don't work to well with each other. Switch them around, if that does not work! take back the new memory you just got. And go with a different company.....
try removeing both sticks of mem. and starting with the slot marked 0 insert mem. stick and then install the next one.

If the slots are numbered, then just remove both and one at a time replace them. The reason is, some m/b are picky and need slot 0 to be filled first.
If you have access to a different monitor, try that one to see if you experience the same problem. If you don't, then your old monitor might be at fault. If that is the case, then one of two things could be the cause:

1. the green part of the cathode ray tube is broken, so the red and blue parts to mix, causing a purple tint

2. A pin on the monitor connector is bent, so the monitor might not be getting green color information from the graphics card

edit: if the crt in the monitor is at fault then I've heard you can get it fixed for a relatively inexpensive price.
hi all,

Tried switching brand of ram, problem continued. Then I took everything out but the original ram and soon noticed the problem continues. What is more likely: monitor problem (i'm trying to borrow another to test this), video card, motherboard, or other? Could the ram have been damaged by a static charge? (Does that happen often?)

yes, electro static discharge is a very good possibility with ram, or anything else you change.
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