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Warning, this is quite convoluted ;)

Some time ago I bought a Sharkoon Skiller SGK4 programmable keyboard.

I have a quite bad muscle condition that gives me atrocious muscle cramps to neck and shoulder whenever I make continuous and repetitive movements with my hands and intended to use this keyboard to set up some simple macros to make indie and old school games playable, especially when there's button mashing involved.

Now, to my great disappointment, the keyboard has no apparent "rapid fire" function to keyboard buttons, just for mouse buttons (ironic, isn't it?).

I tried several workarounds, including:

1) Bounding the needed buttons in-game to the mouse buttons and using this native "mouse rapid fire" function bound to the keyboard.
It actually works, but the fire is so rapid that the games stops to register button presses and seems to go haywire with totally random fire-rate variations.

2) Creating a repeating macro that simulates the key-press and set it to infinite repetition while the keyboard macro button is pressed.
It also works BUT: whenever the button is released and the macro stops, the keyboard seems to "reset" and forgets the feedback from the other buttons being pressed.

My little dude in the game is walking forward using the left arrow. I see enemies and press the "auto-fire" macro button while keeping the left arrow pressed.
My little dude keeps walking and firing at the same time, just like I want.
However, whenever I stop firing releasing the "rapid fire" macro button while keeping the left arrow pressed, the little dude stops dead like no other key was pressed, while I wanted him to keep walking.
Hope that was clear.

Any ideas on how to overcome this besides buying a better keyboard?
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