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Macbook Pro Problem when connected to wireless network

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Hi, Im currently having a problem with my network latency.

I use a Linksys Cisco WRT110 Rangeplus Router
I have 4 computers on the network.

A Sony Vaoi Laptop running windows Vista - Wireless
An Acer Laptop running windows XP - Wireless
Myself running Windows XP - WIRED
and a Macbook Pro(Brand New) - Wireless

The problem comes whenever the Macbook connects to the network. When it connects average ping times jump from 35-50ms to 1100+ ms.
It doesnt happen when any other computer is connected to the network(all other computers could be connected and be fine), only when the macbook is on the network does that latency get that high.

Is there some network\airport configurations I need to go through with the Macbook so when it connects to the network the ping doesnt automatically go through the roof?
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