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I actually had a malware that was redirecting me always to yahoo on google chrome. My browser was telling me that my google account was "Managed by my organization" but i have no organisation and its a personal computer and google account. In chrome://policy, there was a rule called ExtensionInstallForcelist that was installed and it is unremovable.

I did all of the following steps:

-Looked at my my library launchagents launchdaemons etc, and found one suspected file that i deleted.
-Found no suspicious user profile on my mac
-Found no suspicious programs neither
-Deleted and reinstalled chrome two times
-Found no suspicious extensions neither

I tried to delete the rule with the following command on terminal: defaults delete


And it outputs Domain ( not found even tho this domain exists on my domains.

As a result: the yahoo redirecting problem is gone but chrome still says that its managed by organization and the malware rule is still there.

Can someone help me to get rid of that once for all?

Thank you very much !
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