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Hi all
I have been using my m1330 for 2 years now and have had very little trouble with it.
I started usign windows 7 RC and it was great bbut then I started having trouble with usb drivers.
Now I have full version of Win7 pro and it is still doing it.
It will just stop recognising usb external hd drives and flash drives. I just messed up one of my drives tryin to get it to work:upset::upset:

If i turn off the computer for a while they can start working again but this is no solution for this problem.

I have recently gotten a new motherboard in it so i dont think is faulty usbs. They work but the drivers wont load or something.
Is very annoying as I really need them for transfering work around.

I have spoken to dell and they say it is a driver issue and that I will have to go back to vista or xp!!! I really dont want to do that!

Please advise
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