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Hi All,

My modem (Alcatel Speedtouch 330 - ADSL) has recently taken to resetting itself after a certain amount of time. It clicks off for about 20 seconds then comes back on. It works fine for three to four hours then, after the first reset it keeps doing it every 2-3 minutes. It worked fine for seven months. No new equipment added to the machine in that time.

M/B K7S5A, 450W power unit, AMD 2200+, 1Gb PC2100 DDR, Creative audigy soundcard, Creative GeForce4 64MB 4200 Ti graphics.

The modem is connected to a Belkin 7 port USB hub (externally powered) and four ports are currently used, my mouse being one of the items. All ports are disabled for the duration of the modem being switched off. I have just received a new modem from Alcatel but the same problem persists.

Is this a power management issue with the Mobo?
Any help gratefully received 'cos this is driving me round the bend!

Regards, John
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