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lynksys router problem

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I have a 4 port lynksys router that I have been using for several months with 2 pc's connected. I have added a 3rd pc, I get a network connection icon, the router port LED is illuminated at the router, but I can't connect or even ping the router. Any ideas?
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If your router is set up for DHCP and your new computer has a Static IP address- this may be the culprit. Try;

Control panel>network and internet connections>network connections

right click on local area conection and then click on properties

click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)- Is the box checked "Optain and IP address automatically"? If not- check this box. Click ok and then cancel out of the control panel and try again.

If this doesent work- try;

follow the steps above and get to local area connection and click on it once just to highlight it. On the left hand side find the wrench icon next to "Repair this connection". Click on it and let it do its thing. Once done- cancel out of control panel and try again.

Hope that helps.

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did all that. any idea if I could have a firewall issue? PC is sending packets, but not recieveing any.
at a command prompt, type 'ipconfig /all' and post results of the non working computer, along with one of the other two computers that works. this will be to make sure the ip addresses are all properly set up to be in the same network. you also have the drivers for the nic card installed? try checking the device manager and click on network adapters and see if your nic card is there.

also have you tried using another spare network cable? if not try that and see if that helps. ive never had a network cable fail on me but they do go down.
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