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Low system volume

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I just recently installed my VIA AC'97 sound card, and I cannot seem to turn it up loud at all. I have gone through all of the system volume, and speaker volumes found in the control panel, and on my task bar and all that good stuff; slid all of the bars up to the max and I am still getting poor volume.

Anyone have any suggestions???
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Thanks for reading

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Perhaps you're plugged into the wrong jack on the sound card?
Maybe I know.....

When I bought my new Dell computer, I kept my HP speakers. I went to play one of my games on my new kick-*** computer, and to my surprise the volume was so low I could barely hear anything. I went through all the options in Windows and in the game, tried with mp3 files, no luck. The problem turned out to be that the Dell soundcard didn't support non-self-amplified speakers. I.E., speakers that aren't separately plugged in to an outlet. I ended up buying a surround-sound speaker system at Wal-Mart for 30 bucks, plugged it in, plugged in my sound jack, and it works fine.

that doesnt surprise me. a friend of mine had a similar problem, only it was the other way around. the speakers he had were amplified when they were plugged in, and did not work at all when unplugged. (from the wall) and his sound card was putting out 15 watts to the amplified speakers, and they were really loud even on the lowest setting above mute.

usually the manual will mention if you have a sound card that puts out power or not. i have a really old soundblaster clone, and it has a jumper on the card that switches it from 2 to 8 watts. the manual said the difference was for amplified speakers or not.

some arent like that though...

usually the old ones only ive noticed...

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