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low fps with radeon 9600 pro on cs source

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pent 4 1.7 750 ram
radeon 9600 pro

i know its no beast but i run doom3 and cod ok
cs source i have 15 fps ..tops at 20
i tried everything :lowest settings newest cat ati drivers difference
should i be able to get more or is pc too weak??

only thing i have not tried is win service pack 2??
i have all background things shut down too
i've heard sometimes older drivers do better with certain games this true?
does steam just suck up the ram??
strange thing the fps is the same on high res high settings as it is when i set it to the opposite??

help please anyone
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Well it depends what the card brand is.
I found out the hard way that Asus has a set of theyre own drivers that optimize performance and enable all these features on the card.
So i tried the new drivers from asus and boom, i can play BF2 on low to meduim with no lagg.
By the way i have an Asus N6200 and im getting a replace for a Powercolor 9550 Game FX board.
their was a similar problem with cs Source before, due to its high usage of processor cache.
check the chache on your processor, if u dont know what it is, use everest home edition
(google that)
if u have a 128mb l2 cache its definatly the problem, powersupply could be another thing to look into cuz cs source will suck up more power then other games.
Actually, no CPU has a cache larger than 2MB. More RAM and a zippy CPU will really make a difference in modern games. A 1.7Ghz P4 is barely able to run a modern game well.

A quality PSU with a strong 12v rail (20 amps or higher) will help a power hungry video card deliver better results. I went from an 18a to a 24a PSU and the results were obvious.
Correction 128KB*
which is most likely what you have if its a 1.7ghz p4
there is no solution to this really, a new motherboard and processor is probly the way to go, get a athlon 64 and you'll haul, can use the same ram too.
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