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Lost menus completely with XP - IE6

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I have completely lost my menus in IE 6 with XP. this occurs only under one use but not the other users? Help
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This can happen if you accidently closed the toolbars, or dragged another one over top. Is there any toolbars? If so, right click it, and chose to display the proper toolbar. Or try pointing the mouse cursor to one of the top corners and dragging down. This may cause it to appear.
No menus?

There are no menus whatsoever, ie File, View, Edit, etc.
I have the same problem, I know exactly what you mean. I didn't change anything on my computer. Or maybe my kids did, dunno. Hope we get some answers Bud.

Thanks Alot.

Atleast I got the some of the menues but the important one is not there which is the address bar, I have it "checked" but it's still not there.

Also it looks different now, not like before.

I did an update on IE a little while back maybe its' got something to do with that.
They are still there, dude- you just have them buried. Look for the little divider thingy (?) like the one that divides quick start and task bar. New versions of IE will assume current settings, so reloading will not help. It's easy to accidently burry or move these bars.;)
You're right!

The F11 really help . That's how I got to rearrange.

It had something to do with that. I unlock the toobars from there I rearrange everything, I got everything back to normal.

Thanks again
:talking: :happyroll
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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