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lost D & E drive

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Think my son has done something stupid, he was messing after asking about hot keys, (we told him not to but guess he went ahead anyway) Now there is no D or E drive. We have no soft ware with this or any back up discs as it is a second hand pc. Is there any way of retrieving the drives?
In non techie talk please.
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see if you can see them in the bios,if not check the ide cable has not worked loose
try anew eide cable
What do you mean by "there is no D or E drive"? Only that you cannot switch by entering "D:" or "E:"? Or does the Disk Manager fail to show them? Does the Disk Manager perhaps show two disks with no drive letters? The exact nature of the problem depends upon the exact form of the symptoms.

To find DiskManagement:
Find and double-click "Computer Management" (probably in "Administrative Tools" folder)
In left side of resulting box (headed "tree"), find "Storage" and below that "Disk Management". Click on Disk Management and a list of physical drives will appear on the right side. Each drive will show, among other stuff, its assigned drive letter, IF it has one.
If you mean that you just can't see your D and E partitions even in bios you need:

1) first of all not to try repartition or reformat your HDD!
2) Information still has to remain there, therefore use partition recovery software to restore it. I use Disk Director Suite (usually as partition manager but and as a recovery software a couple of times:)).

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