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Lost CD/DVD Drive

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It appears that I have lost both my CD and DVD drives, apparently at the same time.

Neither shows up in Windoes Explorer. I went to the Device Manager and there was an exclamation mark next to both. Rebooting did not help. I uninstalled, then scanned for new hardware changes. Both drivers were installed and both indicated a problem with the installation, so there are still exclamation marks next to them.

I have an HP DVD drive that works via USB so I plugged that in. Windows XP Pro found the driver and installed it, however it also has an exclamation mark next to it.

I have done a virus check in case that is the cause of the problem, but have found nothing.

I am at a complete loss as to what is going on. I can't even reinstall the operating system because I do not have a CD drive.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers -

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Did you just lose it out of the blue it did you crash/ reboot before this?

And the DVD is external, but the CD player is internal?
As I understand it you have 3 devices. 2 internal, and one external DVD that won't install completely via USB.

I am inclined to believe the following.

Both internal devices may have failed as the IDE socket they share has failed. You can verify this by opening the case and confirm that they are both on the same cable.

If they are, I would transfer one device over to the still functioning other IDE cable/channel and see if the device works on another cable/channel.

If it does, you will then need to determine if the IDE socket itself (on the motherboard) or the cable that's plugged into it is bad. Obviously, we are hoping for the latter.

I do not think your USB/external DVD device is related to this other problem, nor do I believe that both your internal CD-ROM and DVD devices failed simulateously.

Try to do the above troubleshooting method. Also, return to Device Manager and make sure to enable "show hidden devices" and report any other yellow or red flagged devices you may have besides the USB DVD device.
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Follow the above advice and also check, where you see an exclamation mark, open the properties (double-click) and look for conflicts and if the device is functioning in the notes.

It looks to be a cabling fault.
I found the answer to the problem at Not sure what caused the problem, but I am glad to have found the solution.

Thank you for the replies.

Cheers -

Excellent! Glad you found the fix. I bet that is the same JohnWill that works here. You should post a thanks on that other forum, to encourage others to try the fix for themselves.

Already done. <g>

Cheers -

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