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lost all documents please help

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So whenever i opened my account i got a black window that popped up and kept duplicating and it said "ntvdm.exe" and stuff like that. it pretty much froze everything and somehow all my documents were lost. everything. i couldnt even do anything on that account so i deleted it but clicked on "keep files" hoping i could find a way to get my documents back.

does anyone know what i could possibly do to get my documents back? even if i cant get everything back, i really want to get some of the pics from my camera i had on there back. i tried some photo recovery programs like asoftech and some other stuff but it only showed a few of the photos that got erased.

please help guys, im really desperate right now.
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Hi There Kou7793,

It seems you have quite an issue here, which must be frustrating with you, but I urge you to try a file recovery program. Try the free software available through the link below.
Free Data Recovery Wizard

If this doesn't work, then you have really learnt a lesson. Always keep a backup. It is pretty much a vital component of any computer as these errors happen all the time.

Of course you can try contacting a local repair specialist who may be able to recover files but at a cost.

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Could be some type of virus or malware or could just be a corrupt profile. Can you access any accounts using Windows Safe mode?

If you want help with cleaning or checking your system for malware, start here:
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If you're going to end up needing to use recovery software, TestDisk is prolly your best bet. Free and very thorough, albeit a bit user unfriendly (lot of documentation and tutorials tho). However if for whatever reason Windows on the PC still works, don't try to download and burn the ISO from there, but use a separate PC instead. You want to prevent adding anything onto your HD as much as possible if you want a chance to recover those files. If your stuff was in fact deleted, any HD activity of that kind gives more chance for your files to be overwritten by something else.

You can either do this recovery prior or after the recommendations from JMPC and Speedster. If you do it before, you have a backup of the files you need and you're in the clear, all you need is to fix the problem. If you do it after, you may fix the problem but you risk data loss in the process.
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thanks guys, gonna try all this stuff tonight and will post results. thanks again
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