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Loss of sound

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Evening all.

Turned the pc on today and I have lost all sound. My PC is connected via the speaker out from the back of it which goes into 2 phono leads into my stereo. The stereo is set on the AUX/D-IN mode to receive it. I was playing music last night and that was the last time it worked. Today the stereo is just flashing "No Signal D-IN" and I have no sound.

Any sugestions. Ihave checked the cabling and it is in correctly.

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Does your computer have a sound card or is it built into the motherboard? If it has a video card check the drivers then if nothing try removing, cleaning the contacts and reseating the sound cards. I have seen that work before.
It has AC97 onboard sound. Come to think of it this happened a few months ago and I had to re-install the sound drivers. If it happens agin then I've obviously got some issues. What do you think it could be?
There's several things that might play a roll in it. After you try reinstalling the drivers let know what happens. I'll do alittle research and see what I can find. Does your stereo require alot of power from the card to push the speakers or does it have an amp to boost your watts?
What a tit! It was just me.

On my stereo if you push the AUX/D-IN button again it changes it to D-IN. D-IN and AUX are two seperate inputs obviously!!!! So I pushed it again and it went to AUX and nows it's working!

You live and learn!

Thanx for your help anyway.
Good deal. So it was simple after all!
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